In Victoria, we are already feeling the effects of climate change – from higher temperatures and devastating bushfires to coastal erosion.

By joining TAKE2, you will become part of a state-wide movement to build a cleaner, greener future for the planet.

Like you, nine out of 10 Victorians believe climate change is happening and that it’s everybody’s responsibility to do something about it now.

Already thousands have joined TAKE2, pledging to play their part to help keep the temperature rise under two degrees and to support Victoria to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Delivered by Sustainability Victoria, TAKE2 supports individuals and organisations to play their part in fighting climate change. It provides tailored, easy to understand information about what you or your organisation can do to save the planet for generations to come.

Reasons to TAKE2

• Be a climate change leader
• Be recognised for the climate change action you’ve already taken
• Inspire others with your commitment
• Potentially save money, particularly through improved energy efficiency
• For organisations, drive innovation and technology to address climate change
• Improve your organisation’s reputation
• Learn from the experience of others
• Understand how you are making a difference
• Be part of the solution.

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