The busy person’s guide to saving the planet on World Environment Day

Too busy to do anything for the climate this World Environment Day?  It’s happening on Monday!! While you may have left it too late this year to grow your own vegies, run composting workshops for the neighbours or be carbon neutral by June 5, don’t despair.

The good news is TAKE2 has stacks of quick, easy ideas about what you can do for the climate this World Environment Day.

Here are five of our favourites. You can receive more fast and easy climate-loving ideas once you make the TAKE2 pledge, which brings us to the first of the faves…

1. Join TAKE2. It’s free and the more Victorians who join, the bigger the impact on climate change. Once you sign up by making the TAKE2 pledge, you’ll receive a personalised plan, based on your choices, to guide you to a more climate-friendly lifestyle.

2. Buy a keep cup. It’s estimated Australians use about 3 billion disposable coffee cups every year. And most can’t be recycled because of the plastic film inside the cardboard cup. Keep a reusable coffee cup handy and ask your favourite caffeine purveyor to fill ‘er up when the java craving hits.

3. Leave the car at home. The most climate-friendly way to get to work, school or anywhere is to walk or cycle. And when that’s not possible, take public transport. Easy!

4. Keep the heating at 18 to 20 degrees. 9 out of 10 of us live in draughty homes, which can be fixed through draught-proofing. Great idea, but not something you can do in two minutes. If you want to get warmer at home tonight, pop on some woolly socks, trackies and a hoodie. You’ll save money on your power bill as well as the planet.

5. Share this post with friends on social media. #TAKE2ForVic.  A few stirring, inspirational words from you about fighting climate change by joining TAKE2 could also be very helpful!

Not so hard is it? We can all do at least one of TAKE2’s five fast ways for climate change this World Environment Day. Now you’ve assuaged any guilt, challenge yourself a little.

Make the TAKE2 pledge.

Together, we can make a difference. But we must act now. And what better time to do it than World Environment Day on June 5?

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Save the planet, 2 minutes at a time