Five things sports fans can do to TAKE2

From the AFL Grand Final to the Boxing Day Test, it’s the time of year when the Melbourne Cricket Ground is a focal point for many Victorians. Having just gone carbon neutral for its busiest month, the ‘G also kicks goals as a TAKE2 member. You can too, no matter your favourite sport. After all, when it comes to tackling climate change, we’re all on the same team.

1. Replace your old plasma television with a more energy efficient option

LEDs and LCDs are the MVPs when it comes to TVs. Just don’t forget to recycle your old one if you're planning to upgrade before the big game. Prefer to stream sport on your phone? Reduce your emissions by connecting to broadband rather than using mobile data.

Tips for choosing an energy efficient TV

2. Buy products that include recycled content

The hottest trend right now is eco-sportswear. Think running shoes incorporating ocean plastic, or biodegradable yoga mats. You’ll find popular brands are using recyclables in increasingly clever ways – teams in the 2018 FIFA World Cup even wore uniforms made from melted plastic bottles.

3. Leave the car at home and take public transport

This one sits alongside meat pies and the excessive application of zinc sunscreen in the pantheon of local spectator traditions. We’re fortunate that most venues are pretty well serviced by trains, trams and buses. Public Transport Victoria can help you plan your journey.

4. Start a conversation on climate change

Possible topics include the risks of extreme heat, the future of winter sports, or new approaches to stadium design. Simply put, there’s no reason talk of draft picks or batting averages can’t segue into a chat about climate change. You could even suggest your local club sign up to TAKE2.

5. Shop with a list and buy only what you need

Major sporting events are a great excuse to fire up the barbie for family and friends. But when it comes time to eat, how often does at least one person observe there’s “enough food to feed an army”? Never fear, avoiding over-catering is easy with planning and that all-important shopping list.

Tips to reduce BBQ food waste


Want to know something else? Everything on this list is a TAKE2 action, so by completing even one you will be fulfilling your pledge to act on climate change. Just don’t forget to update your profile.