• Solving the growing problem of electronic waste

    Every year, Australians throw away gadgets and gizmos aplenty. The cost is twofold ­– our unwanted phones, computers and TVs can harm the environment, while valuable materials that could be reused are lost. Yet with e-waste set to be banned from landfill in Victoria from July 2019, a new era of recycling has begun, and TAKE2 members are among the businesses setting the trend.

  • Five things sports fans can do to TAKE2

    From the AFL Grand Final to the Boxing Day Test, it’s the time of year when the Melbourne Cricket Ground is a focal point for many Victorians. Having just gone carbon neutral for its busiest month, the ‘G also kicks goals as a TAKE2 member. You can too, no matter your favourite sport. After all, when it comes to tackling climate change, we’re all on the same team.

  • Pick up someone on your daily commute (or let them pick you up)

    It’s said there’s an app for everything these days. Now that includes carpooling too. Sharing a ride to work may not be a new concept, but TAKE2 member Mobi is making it more convenient than ever. If it takes off, commuting might never be the same again!

  • Which TAKE2 members are up for a Premier’s Sustainability Award?









    A social enterprise striving to create a world without food waste. A healthcare provider tackling emissions from anaesthetics. A children’s author inspiring young nature lovers. A retail giant embracing solar power in a big way. This year’s finalists are more diverse than ever. Find out who is in the running ahead of the winners being announced next month.

  • Spruce up your wardrobe guilt free with Ethical Clothing Australia

    Most of us express ourselves to some degree through what we wear, but it’s easy to forget that every item of clothing we buy has its own origin story, and sadly, it’s not always pretty. If you want to sort good from bad on the rack, here’s how to guarantee that everyone involved in making a garment was treated fairly. You’ll be supporting local business too.

  • Green is the new red and white for boutique wine producers

    This is a tale of two wineries. One is in the Central Highlands. The other is on the Bellarine Peninsula. Geographically, they are different. However, in the face of a changing climate their missions are the same — to put sustainability at the heart of farming.

  • Pedalling for female empowerment

    If talk of cycling conjures up images of ‘middle aged men in lycra’, this could be why. It turns out only one in three bike riders are women! To help redress the gender imbalance, TAKE2 member Bicycle Network has gone back to school.

  • And BMW makes 600

    Leading companies continue to embrace TAKE2, with one of world’s most famous premium car manufacturers, BMW Group Australia, becoming Victoria’s 600th business to pledge to take action on climate change.

  • The small town thinking big on renewables

    Spotting solar panels is easy in the picturesque north-east Victorian town of Yackandandah—just look up. More than 40 per cent of the buildings have rooftop solar, including the primary school, supermarket, council office and hospital.

  • Latrobe Valley’s community power hub officially launches

    As a third-generation power worker, Morwell local Chris Barfoot had, in his words, “a soul stained as brown as lignite.” Now he is part of a radical initiative to help his community transition to renewable energy.