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Our pledge

Grampians Central West Waste & Resource Recovery Group as a vision to be leaders in waste management and resource recovery providing social, environmental and economic benefits to our community. The very nature of waste means that it impacts across all resource sectors and hence on climate change.

We work with our local government stakeholders, the business community, the waste industry and a diverse range of regional and rural communities to reduce the environmental impact that our waste causes. This means working from the start of the process to encourage the community to reduce their consumption and hence their waste production, through to better ethical choices in consumption with recycled packaging through to working with business to reduce their impact and increase their understanding of waste and resource recovery issues.

Our work with local government is critical in helping them to develop more effective waste and resource recovery services for their community and assist in educating their community to divert more from landfill and improve recycling rates.

We work with schools through the ResourceSmart School program, which takes a comprehensive look at the school’s impact on energy, water, waste and biodiversity, along with what they teach in the school curriculum and how they engage ore broadly in the community in all of these areas and climate change.

In our own operations, we constantly seek to reduce our environmental footprint by working smarter and reducing the resources we need to work effectively across a large rural and regional area in Victoria.



Our stories

At present only one of our councils runs a comprehensive green waste collection, which means that 11 of our councils do not. As part of this year’s Compost Week we decided to run a series of compost workshops across our region.

There was so much interest in the composting workshops across the region that we had to change from Compost Week to Compost month with 32 workshops run across many communities and schools ranging from the Karen community in Nhill to Federation University residential students in Ballarat to Little Sprouts as part the Food is Free group in Ballarat. In all we engaged with more than 550 people with hands on workshops on compost, worm farms and biochar.