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We’re committed to tackling climate change. That’s why we’ve made the TAKE2 pledge. Check out the work we’ve been doing to reduce our emissions and our plans for the future.

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TIC Group is a wholly owned Australian company, established in 1989, TIC introduced garment hanger re-use to the world.  Today TIC re-uses over 1 million garment hangers a day, has 15 locations worldwide and has expanded its environmental footprint to include mattress recycling and the management of consumer retail returns and faulty products.  TIC Group has innovation in mind and sustainability at heart.

Circular economy principles are embedded in the TIC Group culture.  This was particularly evident when TIC began its transformation of the retail industry through its world first garment hanger re-use program.  Creating a sustainable industry, supply chain and jobs around the world that previously did not exist.

TIC’s circular economy activities were further cemented with the introduction of a Reverse Logistics network; developed to handle consumer returns from retail stores across the country.  TIC’s Reverse Logistics network now manages over 15 million returns from many of Australia’s biggest retailers, ensuring still valuable items are diverted from landfill and re-purposed.

The recent launch of an automated deconstruction plant for end of life mattresses showcases how TIC Group incorporates innovation, clever business design and bespoke technology to disrupt the norm and deliver strong environmental, economic and social outcomes.

TIC is The Ideas Company.

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    TIC recently launched its mattress recycling facility in Tottenham.  This is Australia's first automated deconstruction plant for end of life mattresses  - we are aiming to put this problem to bed.  See here a link to the launch event which was officially opened by the Hon. Minister Lily D'Ambrosio.


    A great piece on Channel 9 also highlights the innovation created by TIC Group.  Link is here: