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We’re committed to tackling climate change. That’s why we’ve made the TAKE2 pledge. Check out the work we’ve been doing to reduce our emissions and our plans for the future.

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Our pledge

@95 Distillery is to be Australia's first distillery powered 100% by renewable energy comprising solar, wind, storage and heat exchangers. We are not connecting to the main grid...the innovations that we are developing will be made available to a range of enterprises who also have high energy demands over low time periods, eg dairy farmers and cheesmakers. @95 Distillery is making home on an 80 acre property at Deans Marsh near Lorne in the Surf Coast region of Western Victoria. The property, formerly a dairy outblock, is being regenerated through the planting of some 6,000 plants comnbined with significant protective fencing and the utilisation of solar pumps and windmill energy for water transfer and stock feeding applications.

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