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Environmental Sustainability at Zoos Victoria

Welcome to our TAKE2 profile page.

We’re committed to tackling climate change. That’s why we’ve made the TAKE2 pledge. Check out the work we’ve been doing to reduce our emissions and our plans for the future.

Make the TAKE2 pledge and join us in helping keep the temperature rise under two degrees.

Our pledge

Global warming, climate change and depletion of the world’s natural resources are critical environmental and public issues. Increasingly, we are seeing the impacts of climate change on our environment and the world's wildlife.

Zoos Victoria sees first-hand these effects on some of our local, native threatened species, of which we have priority, recovery programs for. Those most affected include: the Northern and Southern Corrobboree Frogs, the Baw Baw Frog, and the Mountain Pygmy Possum. The recent extinction of the Bramble Cay Melomys (Melomys rubicola) is the first mammal known to have been wiped out by human-induced climate change.

As a zoo-based conservation organisation, Zoos Victoria takes carbon management and reduction seriously. We commit to the TAKE2 pledge by understanding our carbon impacts, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and becoming a certified Carbon Neutral organisation.

Zoos Victoria’s three zoos – Healesville Sanctuary, Melbourne Zoo, and Werribee Open Range Zoo – are the first zoos in the world to be certified carbon neutral. This certification was first obtained from financial year 2011/12 under the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

Zoos Victoria’s world-leading stance demonstrates its commitment to leading the way in best practice; a representation of what zoos around the world can do to reduce the environmental footprints of their own organisations.

Zoos Victoria’s carbon neutral certification milestone is also part of its commitment to inspire millions of visitors to live more sustainably, and protect wildlife and the environment for future generations.

Our stories

We have mapped out our emissions to get a holistic representation of where we can improve our practices - please see our Carbon Reduction Activities map.

We continue being certified Carbon neutral under NCOS. A video of our Carbon Neutrality can be seen here. Highlights of emission reduction projects and programs include:

In-vessel composting of organic waste at Melbourne Zoo

Zoos Victoria is working towards zero waste to landfill across our three zoos by 2019. We will achieve this by ensuring all recyclable materials are separated and reused, recycled, composted or converted to energy. Our operations, our animals, and our visitors all contribute to our daily waste, some more than others – our keepers collect over 800 kilograms of elephant dung every day! That equates to a reduction of 1.12 tonnes of CO2e per day from elephant dung. Overall the in-vessel reduces over 1,000 tonnes of CO2e per year by composting all organics waste (including food waste) at the zoo.

Solar PV

We have completed 438kW of solar PVs at our three zoos, and are expected to add a further 156kW by end of 2017. This equates to a total of 594kW, producing about 867,000kWh of renewable energy and reducing of CO2e emissions by 1,160 tonnes per year.

Resource Efficiency

We have a number of resource efficiency programs targeting energy and water consumption. Some of our projects include:

  • Lighting upgrades to more efficient LEDs
  • Heat Pump hot water systems
  • VSD pumps
  • Efficient HVAC equipment upgrades
  • Fuel efficient vehicles
  • Energy efficient IT equipment upgrades
  • Energy audits and monitoring