Landcare Victoria Incorporated

Peak body or advocacy group (environmental focus)

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Our pledge

The mandate of Landcare Victoria Incorporated is to support and promote community learning and action on natural resource management, specifically through the volunteer Landcare movement in Victoria.

In Victoria alone there are over 60,000 volunteers across the state who are members of this movement.

Our core objective is to provide a strong independent  voice for community landcare, those individuals who willingly  embrace the ethic of caring for their local environment and fostering sustainable and productive management of the landscape.

Landcare is at the forefront of developing and implementing onground programs which will establish an environment  which is resilient and adaptive to changing climatic conditions. Landcare Victoria Incorporated is committed to convincing governments and other partners to invest in landcare as a key delivery agent for these programs which are at the heart of natural resource management, particularly on private land.


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