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For over 30 years Kingfield Galvanizing (Kingfield) has hot dip galvanized (HDG) steel components for engineering, construction and infrastructure projects throughout Australia. Based in Melbourne's northern suburbs, $20 million was invested in building the largest sustainable and automated galvanizing plant with the lowest emissions of any HDG plant in the southern hemisphere.

One of Kingfield’s initial objectives was to change the perception of HDG plants as harmful to the environment, to an industry that supports sustainability. Automated processes, enclosed zones and recycling initiatives were designed to reduce waste, minimise emissions and achieve cost efficiencies. The new plant is designed to deliver a commercially viable Australian benchmark for the future of hot dip galvanizing.

Kingfield is aligned with the Galvanizers Association of Australia and Australian Steel Institute to build awareness of the superior level of recycled content and the reclamation rate of hot dip galvanized steel as a product, compared to alternative materials. Other benefits of using HDG steel in infrastructure projects include greater corrosion protection and an extended time to first maintenance, which offer both cost and performance benefits for large scale projects and installations in remote areas.

Australia is experiencing a growing interest in sustainability; with building projects seeking Green Star ratings and infrastructure projects earning ISCA ratings. This drives a market expectation for more sustainable HDG plants throughout Australia; in major cities and regional areas.

Kingfield is proud of our achievements to date; the quality of products we create and the service we provide. Kingfield recently won an award at the 2017 Premier’s Sustainability Awards for our sustainable and highly automated galvanizing plant.

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    Kingfield’s automated processes, enclosed zones and recycling initiatives are designed to reduce waste, minimise emissions and achieve cost efficiencies.

    The results from the upgraded Somerton plant in 2016 were compared to the previous Campbellfield plant, as the ‘traditional’ industry standard. The results support Kingfield’s commitment to making a sustainable galvanizing plant commercially viable.

    Each plant had a throughput of over 13,000 tonnes, with a 5% variation in total volume. Efficiency improvements at the new Somerton plant mean that the new plant heats a greater volume of both acid and zinc for the galvanizing process, however Somerton consumed 12% less gas compared to the traditional HDG plant.

    Recycling initiatives in the Pre-Treatment area resulted in a 56% reduction of hydrochloric acid waste output. From an emissions perspective, comparative results show VOC’s reduced by 60%, zinc and compounds emissions reduced by 86%, sulphur dioxide by 29.5%, oxides of nitrogen down by 55% and particulate matter by 31%.

    Kingfield is proud of our achievements to date, we have an Environmental Management System in place, with further initiatives to fight climate change and help reach Victoria’s target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.