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We’re committed to tackling climate change. That’s why we’ve made the TAKE2 pledge. Check out the work we’ve been doing to reduce our emissions and our plans for the future.

Make the TAKE2 pledge and join us in helping keep the temperature rise under two degrees.

Our pledge

Bass Coast Shire Council committed to the TAKE2 pledge in August, and is committed to action on climate change as our region is a unique place of environmental significance where our quality of life and sense of community is balanced by sustainable and sensitive development, population and economic growth.

Our commitments

Our TAKE2 actions


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    Our stories

    In the six years since 2009/2010 Bass Coast Shire Council has reduced its corporate greenhouse gas emissions by 18 per cent. This reduction was achieved through street-lighting upgrades, efficient building upgrades to lighting and heating and cooling systems, and the installation of renewable energy systems (solar panels).

    • Bass Coast Shire Council’s TAKE2 actions to further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions include the:
      • Addition of a kitchen and garden organics kerbside collection service to residents; and
      • Capping and flaring of methane gas from Grantville landfill
    • These TAKE2 commitments will assist the organisation to meet a 50% reduction, below 2009/2010 greenhouse gas emission levels by 2024/2025 (15 years) per Bass Coast Shire resident. That’s removing 10,904 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent gases from our atmosphere.

    Council is continuing to work towards reducing greenhouse emissions further through internal organisational activities, which includes understanding the cost benefits associated with any future efficiency actions.