• Universities invest in a green brains trust

    Jobs of the future will evolve directly and indirectly from our move towards a low carbon economy.

    Victoria’s training and TAFE system and universities, play a crucial role in preparing Victorians to meet the demand for skills and knowledge a clean energy future will create.

  • Victorian scientist makes TAKE2 Pledge in Antarctica

    Victorian scientist, Fern Hames, is one of 76 women who recently sailed to Antarctica in the largest ever all-female expedition to the frozen continent.

    And while she was there, she made her TAKE2 pledge for the planet, with the Antarctic’s wondrous but fragile beauty as the backdrop.

  • Infrastructure and property giant John Holland backs Sustainability School

    Getting others to follow their lead is one of the important tasks TAKE2 has for its Founding Partners.

    Of course, they must also reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions. From staff to suppliers and customers to competitors, they’re influencing their networks to lower emissions too.

  • Engineering giant commits to sustainable future

    Global engineering and infrastructure advisory firm Aurecon believes it has an important role to play in reducing climate change.

    This TAKE2 Founding Partner, which operates in 25 different countries, helps clients meet their sustainability commitments, considers sustainability in all its projects and services, and is reducing its own carbon emissions.

  • A sporting chance for a greener Victoria

    Some of Australia’s largest sporting organisations are doing their bit for climate change.

    Tennis Australia is committed to environmentally sustainable design for Australia’s elite and community tennis courts, North Melbourne Football Club generates clean energy through their solar panels, and, Bowls Australia’s community clubs grow and use the produce from their onsite gardens.

  • Building better recycling habits

    The building industry has the potential to make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    Leading construction firm Probuild is passionate about sustainability – that’s the reason the company has joined TAKE2 as a Founding Partner. In particular, Probuild is committed to leading the way to reducing on-site construction waste.

  • Baptcare looking after the environment too

    Baptcare has been supporting Victoria’s most vulnerable communities for over 70 years. That includes the elderly, children, families, people with disabilities, the financially disadvantaged and those seeking asylum.

  • EAGA to keep leafy eastern suburbs green

    Climate change doesn’t respect municipal boundaries. That’s why seven Melbourne councils have joined forces to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address the effect global warming is having on Melbourne’s leafy eastern suburbs.

  • The Paris Agreement – what it really means for Australian organisations

    Today, the United Nations Paris Agreement on climate change comes into force.

    Thrashed out at the UN’s 2015 climate change conference, its goal is to keep the global temperature rise well under two degrees compared to pre-industrial levels.

    It’s a significant international milestone.

  • Girl Guides pledge to TAKE2

    Girl Guides are no strangers to keeping their word. With every Girl Guide in Victoria already promising to do her best, they can be relied on to follow through on their TAKE2 pledge.