Zoos go wild for TAKE2

Did you know Victoria is home to the world’s first certified carbon neutral zoo?

Zoos Victoria, which operates three world class zoos at Melbourne, Werribee and Healesville, was certified carbon neutral in 2013.

Like all State Government departments and agencies, as part of TAKE2 Zoos Victoria is now required to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. But this organisation has been leading by example for years.

With 2 million visitors annually, 600 staff and 300 species of wildlife, the zoos could leave an elephant-sized carbon footprint. But their climate change actions have seen them composting 750 tonnes of organic waste a year at Melbourne Zoo, double glazing the glass roof of the Butterfly House and installing solar panels, with more to come.

The solar panels alone have reduced the zoos’ carbon emissions by more than 300 tonnes – which is the same as removing 71 cars from the road for a year.

If you love the world’s wildlife, help to conserve it and TAKE2 today.

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