Victorian sustainability school leader makes TAKE2 pledge

Based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, Brentwood Secondary College is a Victorian leader when it comes to sustainability.

It was named Sustainability Victoria’s ResourceSmart Energy (Secondary) School for 2016, and is now the latest Victorian school to join TAKE2.

Brentwood’s done some impressive work in the last year, driven by their Green Team student leadership group. They’ve reduced their carbon emissions by 15 tonnes on 2015 levels. That’s the equivalent of driving 51,000km!

The focus for 2016 was electricity use. So the school installed a 30kW solar panel system.

It also took a simple but effective approach to reducing power use at the school. Labels were created to remind staff and students to turn off lights and fans when not needed. They were also created to guide temperature setting of heating and cooling at the school.  And devices were switched off at the power point during school holidays.

Get inspired by Brentwood’s TAKE2 pledge and sign your school up to TAKE2.

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