Universities invest in a green brains trust

Jobs of the future will evolve directly and indirectly from our move towards a low carbon economy.

Victoria’s training and TAFE system and universities, play a crucial role in preparing Victorians to meet the demand for skills and knowledge a clean energy future will create.

It makes sense then, that some of Victoria’s leading tertiary institutions have become TAKE2 Founding Partners to help keep the temperature rise under two degrees.

They’re doing important work – educating our best and brightest, harnessing their passion and curiosity now so they have the skills our society requires in the future. They’re also the homes of new research and innovation, where some of our best ideas to combat climate change will reach fruition.

TAKE2 Founding Partners like the University of Melbourne offer a range of environmental study opportunities, whether that’s a degree in environmental science or single subjects like sustainability and behaviour change. Students at Federation University Australia can study carbon accounting or learn how to develop an environmental action plan. RMIT has sustainability embedded in many of its courses, including architecture and design, social science, project management, fashion, business and engineering to ensure their students are ready to shape a greener future.

All these institutes of higher learning have also made sustainable operations an intrinsic part of campus life so that even those students not directly studying environmental subjects will take a sustainable mindset with them after graduation.

Your educational institution can follow these Founding Partners’ lead by signing up to TAKE2 today and help Victoria reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.