Tossing household nasties the climate-friendly way

Recycling is a sure fire way to reduce climate change. Unfortunately, it’s more complex than simply separating plastics, paper and glass from rubbish.

What do we do with household nasties like old weed killer, nail polish or pool chemicals?

Throwing them into landfill with the rest of your garbage isn’t the answer. Do that and we end up with toxic substances leaching into the soil, groundwater, rivers and other waterways.

Pouring household substances like detergents, cleaners, insecticides and even cooking oil down the drain has equally nasty consequences for the environment, threatening our water supply, beaches and wildlife.

The good news is, Sustainability Victoria’s Detox Your Home regular mobile collections throughout Melbourne and across Victoria can take these nasties off your hands for free and dispose of them properly. That includes recycling the containers they come in. So it’s good for the environment in general but also for climate change too.

Check out when Detox your Home is arriving in your neighbourhood, gather the chemicals you want to dispose of and drop them off. You will need to register for any Melbourne metro collections.

If you have young children, particularly those about to start crawling or walking, ridding your home of toxic chemicals is a responsible way to protect curious little hands and mouths from the dangers these chemicals pose.

Of course, if you choose environmentally friendly substances for your home in the first place, and use as little as possible, disposing of them safely is easier and more climate-friendly. 

Paint, batteries and compact fluorescent globes and tubes aren’t accepted at Detox your Home events. Take them to one of 30 permanent collection sites across Victoria instead.

Remember, these services are for households only. We recommend you check what substances and materials will and won’t be accepted before heading to the next Detox your Home event near you.

And if you want to know more about living a cleaner, greener life, join TAKE2 today.