Taking a pledge on climate change

Bass Coast Shire Council has shown its commitment to take action on climate change as a founding member of the Victorian Government’s voluntary TAKE2 pledge program.

Council was one of 182 founding members to take the pledge last week, joining 21 other Victorian councils, as well as businesses and community organisations

Committing to the universal TAKE2 pledge provides Council with an opportunity to demonstrate leadership within the community and promote Council’s own efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

The government is calling on all Victorians to TAKE2 Steps:

  • Take the universal pledge - Working together, we pledge to play our part and take action on climate change for Victoria, our country and our planet.
  • Share the actions you are taking to help meet Victoria’s universal pledge.

Council’s General Manager Sustainable Development and Growth, Allison Jones, said Council is well placed to support the TAKE2 initative.

"The Council Plan and Natural Environment Strategy 2016-2026 have synergies to the pledge by committing Council to take action on climate change," Ms Jones said.

"Council has already taken a number of actions to address climate change, and these actions can be used to meet the second step of the TAKE2 commitment.

The Pledge does not bind Council to future actions beyond those already committed.

Council is currently fulfilling all of the requirements to meet the TAKE2 pledge through actions in the Climate Change Plan, the Natural Environment Strategy 2016-2026, and the Waste Management Strategy 2015-2025.