Tahbilk’s carbon neutral vintage

The decision to join TAKE2 as a Founding Partner was an easy one for the Tahbilk winery in Victoria’s Nagambie Lakes wine region. For the Purbrick family, who have owned and run the winery for five generations, conserving the environment has been part of their business for decades.

They have long understood that they were essentially farmers, whose product is significantly affected by climate changes. The first winery in Australia and the eighth in the world to be carboNZero certified, Tahbilk is committed to doing its part to ensure the right growing conditions for their vines by helping keep the temperature rise under two degrees.

They understand that if we all sign up to TAKE2, Victoria’s collective action on climate change, the future for Victorian wineries is a brighter one. With 12,000 people working at Victoria’s 800 wineries and 3,000 vineyards, this $1.5billion industry is of vital importance to the Victorian economy.

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