Sunny business powering Gippsland

We know nine out of 10 Victorians think business and industry should be playing their part in combatting climate change.

The good news is that over 300 Victorian businesses have signed on to TAKE2 with that exact aim in mind.

Gippsland Solar is among them. 

They’ve installed more than 30,000 solar panels since 2010. That represents savings of around 11,000 tonnes of climate change pollution a year, which is equivalent to taking 2,750 cars off the road!

Across the Gippsland region, they’ve installed 7 megawatts of solar, nearly 800 solar hot water systems, more than 50 off-grid battery storage systems, and the Gippsland region’s first public electric vehicle charging station.

And their homes, as well as their business, are also powered by renewable energy and battery storage.

Gippsland Solar is taking its commitment to the planet and TAKE2 seriously. They’ve either completed or plan to complete 72 different TAKE2 business actions, from training staff to reduce their climate change pollution at home and work, to buying products and services from other businesses that are also reducing their emissions.

Get serious about climate change and make the TAKE2 pledge today.