St Louis Aspendale gives children a sustainable education

St Louis de Montforts Primary School in Aspendale has a reputation for sustainability. As well as being a ResourcesSmart School and a winner of Sustainability Victoria’s ResourceSmart Schools Awards in recent years, the school has also joined TAKE2.

Some of the amazing work St Louis’ has done includes setting up a unique water habitat that cleans rainwater collected from the kitchen and roof.

The school also has a three pond, 40 metre long habitat that is home to tadpoles, frogs, turtles and native fish!

At lunchtimes, the students are allowed to go tadpoling, as long as they transfer the tadpoles they catch into the frog bog where they mature.

The school has also recently installed solar panels and a battery for energy storage, switched the school lighting to LED and has student Energy Warriors in every classroom who are tasked with switching everything off when it’s not in use.

If you’re inspired by this amazing school, follow their lead and TAKE2 today!

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