Infrastructure and property giant John Holland backs Sustainability School

Getting others to follow their lead is one of the important tasks TAKE2 has for its Founding Partners.

Of course, they must also reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions. From staff to suppliers and customers to competitors, they’re influencing their networks to lower emissions too.

One such organisation is John Holland. This infrastructure and property giant sets very clear expectations for staff and subcontractors to create greater value for communities, focusing on better resource management, improved energy efficiency and more, to provide sustainable building, transport, water, wastewater and energy solutions and more.

Along with Sustainability Victoria (which runs TAKE2), John Holland is also involved with the Australian Supply Chain Sustainability School, which helps small to medium sized infrastructure and property businesses improve their understanding of sustainable practices.

By sharing the knowledge and raising expectations of environmental sustainability in the infrastructure and property sectors, organisations like John Holland and the Supply Chain Sustainability school (and yes – they’re TAKE2 Founding Partners as well), are helping keep the temperature rise under two degrees.

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