Hickory builds great foundation for greener future

With Victoria’s population predicted to hit 10 million by the 2050s, we’ll need around 2 million more homes to house everyone. Thankfully commercial and residential builders like Hickory are already limiting their impact on our environment.

Hickory has signed up as a TAKE2 Founding Partner because it wants to positively impact the built environment, without negatively impacting the natural environment.

Australia’s construction industry produces a lot of waste. But Hickory has introduced practices like prefabrication which can reduce the amount of building waste produced by as much as 90%.

Hickory is already seeing the results with fewer skips filled and more building materials being reused rather than going to landfill.

If you’re a part of Victoria’s flourishing construction industry, you can take action on climate change too. Follow Hickory’s lead and TAKE2 today.