Greenfleet signs up for a greener future

Connecting people with opportunities to take real action against climate change is the reason carbon offset provider Greenfleet decided to become a TAKE2 Founding Partner.

About to mark an astounding 20 years of operations (it’s a pretty new industry), Greenfleet wants to see more of us TAKE2 and help keep the temperature rise under two degrees.

The non-profit organisation has planted over 8.7 million native trees since 1997, creating 425 biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand to offset carbon emissions.

Planting these for thousands of Australian individuals, businesses, local councils and universities, not only captures some of the emissions we produce, but also restores habitat for Australian native animals.

You can cut your greenhouse gas emissions too. Just sign up and TAKE2 today.

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Take real action with Greenfleet and TAKE2