Greener buses could be just the ticket

Did you know that one bus can take up to 45 cars off the road?

When it comes to cutting greenhouse gas emissions, that’s an impressive statistic. But TAKE2 Founding Partner the Bus Association Victoria isn’t stopping there. They’re involved in a new program called 1dayin5 which encourages Victorian workers to leave the car at home at least once a week and take public transport or foot power to work or school instead.

Through BusVic, the association's members are joining forces with TAKE2. Latrobe Valley Bus Lines is currently working with Volvo, trialling a new hybrid bus that could improve fuel efficiency by 20% and significantly reduce emissions!

Given BusVic's 410 member bus operators have 5,500 buses doing 180 million trips a year, if the trial is successful, that’s a great contribution to help Victoria reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Bus Association Victoria signed up to TAKE2 because it sees the benefit in getting people out of their cars and onto public or active transport. Why will you sign up to TAKE2?