Girl Guides pledge to TAKE2

Girl Guides are no strangers to keeping their word. With every Girl Guide in Victoria already promising to do her best, they can be relied on to follow through on their TAKE2 pledge.

Like many TAKE2 Founding Partners, Girl Guides Victoria has some practical tasks it wants to complete, using less water in halls and at camps, reducing waste and composting.

It’s also hoping to make a real difference to climate change through influencing others to get on board TAKE2. That starts with the thousands of five to 17 year old Girl Guides in Victoria, many of whom are passionate about the environment and conserving it for future generations.

Already, when enjoying the Guides regular camping programs, the  guides are taught about the environment and how to protect it. They will learn even more about climate change through TAKE2. Girl Guides Victoria will encourage its members to spread the word to family, friends and school communities.

How will you TAKE2? Sign up today.