Giddyup and TAKE2 for climate change!

Did you know Australians send more than 20 million tonnes of technology to landfill every year?

Thanks to social enterprise and TAKE2 member, PonyUp for Good, a portion of this used technology businesses would otherwise throw away, is now being donated, cleansed of data and on-sold affordably to folks in developing countries.

It can mean your old technology gets up to seven years more life! PonyUp works with MRI, a member of the Commonwealth Government's Product Stewardship Program, so you know it’s being handled responsibly. They recycle 95-98% of the components from items unable to be reused, which is a huge win for our environment.

PonyUp donates 50% of its profits to SecondBite, which last year diverted 10 million kgs of fresh food from landfill and gave it to 1300 food programs, providing over 55,000 healthy meals every day to people across Australia doing it tough. That’s another shot in the arm for climate change.

PonyUp for Good is also spreading the word about climate change and TAKE2 with its networks - it's developed a waste management plan and is committed to train staff on what they can do to tackle climate change at work and at home.

If you want to know more about the great work PonyUp is doing, check out their TAKE2 pledge . And if you want to do your bit for climate change, sign up to TAKE2.