From pledge to action: create your profile

Making the TAKE2 pledge is an important first step to fight climate change. For the many Victorian individuals and organisations who’ve made that pledge already, THANK YOU!

Now it’s time to act. Set up your TAKE2 profile, where you can choose the actions you’ll take to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

If you’ve made the pledge but haven’t set up your profile yet, click on the link in the ‘How to set up your TAKE2 account’ email we sent you. We can re-send it if you like.

Reducing your emissions is the most valuable part of your TAKE2 pledge. Whether you’re a business, community organisation or individual, your TAKE2 profile gives you access to dozens of tailored climate change actions you can take to do just that. You decide how many actions you choose.

Keeping your profile updated will help us understand how Victoria is progressing toward its target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

For organisations, sharing your TAKE2 profile can get you the recognition you deserve for your climate change action. You may also inspire others to TAKE2.

Remember, to create your profile click on the link in the 'How to set up your TAKE2 account' email. We can re-send the email if you like.