Engineering giant commits to sustainable future

Global engineering and infrastructure advisory firm Aurecon believes it has an important role to play in reducing climate change.

This TAKE2 Founding Partner, which operates in 25 different countries, helps clients meet their sustainability commitments, considers sustainability in all its projects and services, and is reducing its own carbon emissions.

The organisation uses environmentally sustainable design principles and believes sustainability can create high value results for its clients.

Many of Aurecon’s buildings have a five star environmental rating. When its Victorian operation moved from an older office building to its new, more environmentally sustainable headquarters four years ago, energy efficiency improved dramatically, cutting power bills by half.  The office also has an active sustainability committee which runs events and information sessions for the staff.

As well as joining TAKE2 as a Founding Partner, the engineering giant is encouraging staff and their families to sign up. Aurecon asked its 300 Victorian staff why the organisation should TAKE2. Most wanted to pledge for a better future..

You can help build a better future too. Sign up to TAKE2 today.