Caring for the land and the climate with TAKE2

TAKE2 member The Basalt to Bay Landcare Network (B2B) wants to get more farmers planting native trees and shrubs. And they have gained a powerful partner to help realise that vision.

Victorian agricultural land not protected by climate buffers, or shelter belts, like trees and shrubs is less productive. So B2B is encouraging more farmers to plant, preferably native, shelter belts that protect livestock and crops, reduce salinity and soil erosion, prevent soil nutrients being washed away, improve biodiversity and help tackle climate change.

Shelterbelts can also improve livestock and crop production while reducing costs. But the good news doesn’t end there - planting shelterbelts is also tax deductible!

In a major first, B2B has worked with the Australian Tax Office to produce an easy to understand summary of the tax breaks available for establishing shelterbelts on farm land. This landmark model could change the way we farm and build our resilience to climate change.
Check out B2B’s TAKE2 pledge. You can make the TAKE2 pledge and do your bit for climate change too.