Building better recycling habits

The building industry has the potential to make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Leading construction firm Probuild is passionate about sustainability – that’s the reason the company has joined TAKE2 as a Founding Partner. In particular, Probuild is committed to leading the way to reducing on-site construction waste.

In a recent review of the waste  generated at Probuild sites, the company discovered many of its recycling bins had been contaminated by non-recyclable materials. As a result, all the bin contents end up in landfill.

Probuild responded by running ongoing waste education programs with its workforce. They’ve found that education, along with regular monitoring, has seen a surge in recycling. In some instances, 92% of recyclables are ending up where they should be. That’s above the current 90% Green Star benchmark.

If you’re in the building industry, TAKE2 today and find out how you can join Victoria’s push to net zero emissions by 2050.