Bendigo Sustainability Group takes a peak at sustainable living

From living smaller, cheaper and more sustainably to getting the low carbon low down from builders and architects, there’s loads of fantastic information available at theBendigo Sustainable House Day.

The brain child of TAKE2 Founding Partner Bendigo Sustainability Group, it starts Friday, with Bendigo Bank and accommodation house Stay Social throwing open their doors.

On Sunday 30 October, eight sustainable homes will open for inspection, with architects and builders at some to answer your questions. There’ll also be talks on sustainable living at Bendigo’s Old Church on the Hill.

This is just one of the many Bendigo Sustainability Group projects since it began in 2007. It aims to inspire and support the Bendigo community to create a sustainable future. And they’re good at it!

Last week, the group won a Premier’s Sustainability Award for improving community sustainability.

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