Baptcare looking after the environment too

Baptcare has been supporting Victoria’s most vulnerable communities for over 70 years. That includes the elderly, children, families, people with disabilities, the financially disadvantaged and those seeking asylum.

Climate change brings with it new challenges that may have a significantly greater impact on vulnerable members of our community. Baptcare believes that ensuring equity for all Victorians is a crucial part of the climate change discussion.

It’s this concern about the effect global warming will have on the needy that has inspired this faith-based organisation to become a TAKE2 Founding Partner and to keep its own greenhouse gas emissions in check.

Baptcare’s journey towards cleaner, greener operations started five years ago. And by 2020, it aims to slash its emissions by 20%.

It has fitted solar panels at six of its sites, upgraded insulation, installed better windows, replaced old hot water units with energy efficient heat pumps, introduced water tanks and upgraded lighting.

What will you do to fight climate change? TAKE2 today.