A sporting chance for a greener Victoria

Some of Australia’s largest sporting organisations are doing their bit for climate change.

Tennis Australia is committed to environmentally sustainable design for Australia’s elite and community tennis courts, North Melbourne Football Club generates clean energy through their solar panels, and, Bowls Australia’s community clubs grow and use the produce from their onsite gardens.

They are all part of the push by the Sports Environment Alliance (SEA) to lead, educate and inspire the sporting community to live, work, play and spectate more sustainably.

SEA, chaired by former International Cricket Council boss Malcolm Speed, is a TAKE2 Founding Partner and one of only three such organisations in the world.

The Alliance wants to reduce sport’s impact on the environment and protect its most important asset – clean communities and the spaces and places where sports are played and watched.

Sport has the power to do more for the world with less impact on our planet – from grassroots clubs to sport’s elite. If you want to do your bit, TAKE2 today.

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