More than half of Victoria’s councils pledge to TAKE2


Pyrenees Shire and the Borough of Queenscliffe are the latest councils to join the fight against climate change.

Overall, 41 of the 79 local governments in Victoria are now TAKE2 members.

These municipalities are home to 69 per cent of Victorians, which highlights just how influential our councils have the potential to be when they lead by example.

For our two newest members, the decision to pledge strengthens their already impressive green credentials. Between them, they have committed to supporting renewable energy, the natural environment and community climate action.

Pyrenees Shire has set its sights on a low carbon future through its involvement with the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance (CVGA), a network of 12 climate-conscious local governments in central and northern Victoria.

It is also one of the Solar Savers—local councils providing solar panels to low-income households, with support from the Victorian Government. The first panels are due to be installed from June 2018.

In terms of its own impact, Pyrenees Shire is focused on making its buildings more energy efficient and embracing renewables, with help from Sustainability Victoria’s Local Government Energy Saver Program.

Borough of Queenscliffe is part of the G21 Geelong region alliance with four other municipalities, including TAKE2 members City of Greater Geelong and Surf Coast Shire.

Together with its partners, it is helping to deliver a program called Climate Resilient Communities of the Barwon South West. The aim is to understand and respond to the risks and opportunities presented by our changing climate.

In addition, Queenscliffe is implementing not one but two action plans for going carbon neutral; one to lower emissions from its own operations and one to help the Queenscliffe community meet its goals.

Joining TAKE2 is an easy way to show that your organisation cares about climate change. Use your profile page to promote your actions to the community, including in the TAKE2 pledge directory.