National Sustainable Living Festival. We got this.

TAKE2 is proud to be a part of this month’s National Sustainable Living Festival. Happening throughout the month of February with over 300 events, there’s plenty to see and do at the Festival to get your inspiration-fix for all things climate action!

The catch-cry of this year’s festival – REVERSING CLIMATE CHANGE: WE GOT THIS! – sums up the TAKE2 ethos perfectly. Climate change is a human-made problem and we’ve already got the solutions. There are plenty of events during the festival exploring exactly how we need to go about it, as well as what we can all do to protect the planet we live on.

Here’s our round-up of the Festival’s top talks and events to get you informed and inspired on our path forward to tackle climate change.


1. The Big Weekend

The biggest event on Melbourne’s sustainability calendar, The Big Weekend is a must for eco-warriors and the newly climate-curious alike. The TAKE2 crew will be down there along with over 100 other free exhibitors and events that will challenge your thinking and inspire your actions. There’ll be conversations with Zero Impact Man, a pop-up urban forest, free compost anywhere workshops and a whole series of talks to going off-the-grid. The Big Weekend is the place to get inspired and find out how to take action on climate change and sustainability. 

WHEN: FRI 9 – SUN 11 / FEB





2. Paul Hawken 

As one of the feature events at this year’s festival, climate writer and campaigner Paul Hawken is not to be missed. An environmentalist, journalist and entrepreneur, Paul led Project Drawdown – the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming – and has been a leading voice in the global movement to get on with taking practical action now to solve climate change. The Drawdown collaboration brought together researchers and scientists to present the top 100 most effective actions we can take on global warming. The best part is, many of the solutions already exist. Get the good news on climate change from the guy who wrote the book on it – literally!

WHEN: SAT 10 / FEB3:00 PM - 4:15 PM


COST: $25-30



3. The Great Debate 

Like asking the big questions? Then this one’s for you! This year’s topic – DO WE HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO REVERSE GLOBAL WARMING WITHIN A MEANINGFUL TIMEFRAME? – is sure to spark some interesting conversation. Can we reverse global warming in time? Could we repair the damage we’ve done enough to survive? And what role should Australia play? This iconic event will see some of Australia and the world’s leading thinkers and environmentalists explore the path to reaching a below zero emission world.


  • Paul Hawken – Environmentalist, Author & Activist
  • Kelly O’Shanassy – CEO, Australian Conservation Foundation
  • Clive Hamilton – Author & Academic
  • Ian Dunlop – Former Chair of the Australian Coal Association
  • Anna Skarbek – CEO, ClimateWorks
  • David Spratt – Climate Policy Analyst
  • Bernie Hobbs – Science Writer & Presenter (MC)

WHEN: FRI 9 / FEB 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM


COST: $15-25



4. Drawdown for a Safe Climate

This one’s for those who want to dig deeper into some of the best ways we can start drawing carbon out of the atmosphere. Hear from leading researchers and environmental engineers as they explore how we can start returning the planet to safe levels of greenhouse gases ASAP through repairing forests and restoring soils. This will be a positive climate story led by the latest in climate science.

WHEN: SAT 10 / FEB5:00 PM - 6:00 PM


COST: Free!



5. Transitions Films

This is the festival within the Festival. For those who love the magic of a cinema, there's a fortnight of inspiring and insightful films on offer across February and into March. The documentaries in this year's lineup have been selected to show us that 'no matter how large our challenges, and no matter how overwhelming the pace of change may seem, we can all have a positive impact in shaping our collective future'. Sounds like a sentiment we can get behind. 

WHEN: 22 FEB - 9 MAR


COST: $20-$35