Melbourne leading the way on Renewable Energy

Recently, Victoria had some big news in its fight against climate pollution - and it involved a shift in how we purchase renewable energy.

The Melbourne Renewable Energy Project (MREP) was officially launched and brought together 14 organisations pre-purchasing renewable energy from a soon to be built 80 MW wind farm. The renewable energy project will be built at Crowlands near Ararat by Pacific Hydro and will include 39 large wind turbines.

Check out this video to find out more.

Why is this special? Essentially, just like many of us who are planning to bulk-buy lots of our food and decorations for Christmas to save a bit of money, a number of local governments, Melbourne businesses, and universities have joined forces together to bulk-buy their renewable energy!

Led by TAKE2 Founding Partner, the City of Melbourne, this project is an Australian first. And we were so proud that it involved a range of TAKE2 Founding Partners and Members, including Bank Australia, RMIT, University of Melbourne, National Australia Bank, City of Port Phillip, City of Moreland, City of Yarra, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Zoos Victoria, and more!

Just like TAKE2, this project is all about bringing people together to do more! It secures renewable energy supply, creates jobs in regional Victoria and also significant reduces the carbon emissions that contribute to climate pollution in Victoria. The renewable energy that is generated will be the equivalent of taking more than 22,000 cars off the road every year.