How to be more sustainable at work

We’re great at recycling at home. And some of us have solar panels, veggie gardens, compost bins and worm farms happening.

But how can we be more sustainable at work? Easy!

Below is a list of ideas that you can do yourself or get a group together.  




Things you can do yourself

To reduce energy use – which reduces greenhouse gas emissions            

  • Turn your computer screen off when you go to meetings or lunch
  • Shut down your computer at the end of each day
  • Turn the lights off when you leave a room if you can - like the print room or your office or office area at the end of the day


To reduce waste to landfill

  • Have a cardboard box by your desk where you put paper in, then empty it into the office recycling bins as needed
  • Print everything on both sides – especially draft documents
  • Email a document where possible and take your laptop to a meeting – rather than printing out the document
  • Get yourself a re-usable cup (Keep Cup do great ones) for your morning caffine fix
  • At catered staff events ask caterers to either reduce plastic use or provide packaging that can be recycled
  • Bring leftovers for lunch in re-usable containers, rather than having to buy lunch in throwaway packaging. Check out Sustainability Victoria’s Love Food Hate Waste initiative for more ideas


To reduce carbon emissions through transport


Activities everyone in the office can participate in

Get your organisation to pledge to TAKE2! – jump on to the website and pledge to TAKE2, then promote your commitment through your intranet, internal newsletters and social events. Encourage staff to take the pledge too.

Establish a ‘Green Leaders’ program – bring together staff to form a working group that drives sustainability initiatives in your workplace.

Sustainable staff activities – get involved in volunteering days with a sustainability focus. For example get a group together to plant trees for National Tree Day, get involved with the Port Phillip EcoCentre volunteering days.

Bring in the experts in to talk about Sustainability – Host a mini ‘sustainability fair’ or lunchtime talks about sustainability topics like waste, renewable energy and saving money on your energy bills. Speakers could include one of the businesses in the TAKE2 network: including Tesla, Powershop, City of Melbourne, IKEA, Unilever, Frasers, Mirvac, Lend Lease and Clean Energy Council. Find a full list of businesses here.