Research shows 80% of Victorians want to act on climate change

That’s according to the newly-released, in-depth findings from Sustainability Victoria, which look at perceptions of climate change within the Victorian community. You might remember that we shared some high-level findings earlier this year. Now the full results are available.

The results of this social research are exciting. With four in five of us saying we’re willing to change our behaviour for the sake of the climate it suggests the Victorian community is ready to make changes for the better! And 82% of Victorians believe that taking action really can make a difference.

We’re also strongly backing the work the Victorian Government is doing to cut the pollution that’s causing climate change. Around four in five of us agree with the Victorian Government’s zero emissions by 2050 goal and its renewable energy targets.

Many of us are already changing our behaviour for the good of the climate. Around half of us are cutting back on food waste and around the same number prefer to buy household appliances with good energy ratings.

Businesses should also take note, with the study showing that we’re more likely to buy goods and services from organisations that show they care about climate change.

Across regional Victoria, a clear majority make a connection between climate change and extreme weather events like heatwaves, severe storms, flooding, agricultural decline, and severe bushfires.

Read the full report.