School kids celebrate going solar

Like all ResourceSmart schools, Castlemaine North Primary School is working to make sustainability part of everything they do. Helping them to realise this goal is TAKE2 Founding Partner The Hub Foundation, through its community solar project MASH.

Students and teachers recently celebrated the installation of a new 5.4 kilowatt rooftop solar system, which was funded with a donation from MASH. The money saved on electricity bills by the shift towards renewable energy will be reinvested in other beneficial projects around the school.

As well as cutting costs, the move is good for the climate. “The system is expected to reduce the school’s carbon footprint by cutting CO2 emissions by around eight tonnes each year;” says Jo Kaptein, project officer at the Hub Foundation. “That’s equal to around 30 fewer cars on our roads over the next 20 years.”

Principal Karen Seaton says the new solar system fits perfectly with the school’s environmental strategy. “We thank the Hub Foundation, as well as MASH customers, for helping us become cleaner and greener in our operations.”

This is the fifth free solar system installed at a school or community building in Central Victoria under MASH. The project has also helped bulk purchase solar systems for hundreds of local households and businesses. You can find out more at the MASH website or by emailing

ResourceSmart Schools is a Victorian Government initiative run by Sustainability Victoria.
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